Frequently Asked Questions

What is Colour Rush?

The Colour Rush is a 5KM colourful fun run organized by the Sarawak Children's Cancer Society to raise awareness and funds in support of families and children battling childhood cancer in Sarawak.

It is held in the month of September in conjunction with Childhood Cancer Awareness month. Bright colour powder is thrown during the run, representing children and the colours that they add to our lives.

Cancer fighting is a long and arduous journey. Children have to endure painful and somewhat terrifying experiences.

So come along with your friends and families for some colourful, memorable, and meaningful experience. Together lets help kids outrun cancer.

How long is the run?

The run is approximately 5 kilometers. Click here for detailed route map.

What do I get to win?

There are special finisher medals for the top 10 finishers of the men's category and women's category as acknowledgement of their achievement. This is in addition to the run medal. It will also be spiritually rewarding as we are showing our support for children with cancer.

Where and When will the event be held?

Sibu : Sunday, 1st September 2019 at Sibu Town Square.
Kuching : Sunday, 15th September 2019 at Saradise Kuching.
Postponed to 10th November 2019 at Saradise Kuching
Miri : Sunday, 22nd September 2019 at Boulevard Shopping Mall (Carpark Area).
Postponed to 10th November 2019 at Boulevard Shopping Mall (Carpark Area)


How much do I have to pay?

The registration fee is RM48.00 flat per person. Early bird registration before 6PM,31 July 2019 is only at RM40.00. Closing Date is 10PM,23rd August 2019. Please see our extended registration offers for exciting promos!

Where do I register myself?

or at
- SCCS Centre (Lorong 15, Jalan Desa Wira)
  Monday to Saturday, 9am to 4 pm.

or at
- Participating LEA Centre Outlets
- Somerset Hotel Miri (No.12 Kwang Tung Road)
  Monday to Friday, 9am to 4 pm.

What do I get when I register for this event?

The race pack items are as follows: 2 packets of colour powder, and run bib (may include vouchers depending on availability). Event T-shirt is not included and can be purchased separately. The run bib is for redemption of run medal, upon completion of the run, and also used for lucky draw redemption.

Is there a T-shirt included with the registration?

No, the event T-shirt is not included and can be purchased separately. Normal retail price is at RM50.00 and proof of registration receipt entitles every registration to purchase at RM25 only, per registration.

How can I purchase the event t-shirt?

The event t-shirt is available for purchase at SCCS Centre in Kuching, and Somerset Hotel in Miri. T-shirts will be available for sale from 4th August. Please see below for the list of outlets.


- SCCS Centre (Lorong 15, Jalan Desa Wira), Monday to Friday, 9am to 4 pm.


- Somerset Hotel Miri (No.12 Kwangtung Road), Monday to Friday, 9am to 4 pm.

Do I have to wear the event t-shirt to run in the event?

No, you do not have to purchase the event t-shirt to join, as it's an optional purchase. You can wear your own t-shirt to the run.

We recommend the following:

1. Use a white t-shirt so all the colours show up brilliantly!
2. Use a t-shirt that you are ok to get dirty, as colours may stain.
3. Dri-fit t-shirts are recommended.
4. Do wash your clothes and shoes immediately after returning from the event to reduce risk of staining. Clothes and shoes not washed within 12 hours after the event may be prone to stains.

How do I know when my registration is confirmed and successful?

You will receive an email notification with your registration number and barcode for race pack collection. Please see below example of confirmation registration. This will be sent to the nominated collection person only.

If I have not received any confirmation email, what should I do?

Please email us directly at to check your status. We will get back to you within 48 hours.

When is the last date for registration?

Last date for registration is 5PM, 2 November 2019 for all venues.

What if I register after the closing date?

Yes you can, as it is after all a charity run but we do not guarantee the availability of the racepack items - colour powder, medal and bib.

Can I give my spot for others to join?

No. You may not nominate anyone else to take part on your behalf.

How do I get my medal?

You must wear the run bib that you will get on Race Pack collection day. A medal will be given to each runner who wears the run bib, and completes the run on the event day.

How about top 10 finishers?

Top 10 finishers for each category (Men and Women) will receive a special finisher medal in addition to the run medal.


When and where is the Race Pack Collection?

You can collect your race pack by yourself or authorize someone to pick it up on your behalf. You must present your "Colour Rush" confirmation slip when you collect your race pack.


  • Venue: Sarawak Children's Cancer Society, Lot 5493, Lorong 15, Jalan Desa Wira
  • Time and date: Sunday, 2 November 2019, 10PM - 6PM.


  • Venue: Somerset Hotel (No. 12, Kwangtung Road)
  • Time and date: Sunday, 2 November 2019, 10am - 6pm.

Can I change my T-Shirt size if I find out the size is too big/small?

No changes are allowed.


As a runner, what time do I have to arrive before the race?

Participants are required to arrive at destination by 6.00am for all venues.

What should I bring?

You could bring extra clothes to change, a towel and some sheets or plastic bags to cover your car seat, for protection from the colour powder stains

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Updated: 27-Sept-2019