Sarawak Children's Cancer Society (SCCS)

Penny* was diagnosed with Leukaemia when she was 6 years old. Staying in a rural village made transportation a challenge for her as, she had to travel far to receive treatment.

Penny's dad was a labourer earning meager and unstable income. He strived to provide for her and her 2 siblings. Her mum baked and sold cakes at a nearby school canteen to help lighten the financial burden her father shouldered. After Penny's diagnosis, her mother had to stop work to care for her full time. Coming from a poor family, the family went intofinancial distress.

Penny moved out to Kuching for treatment. It was then SCCS provided an intervention. SCCS provided Penny and her mum free accommodation and meals at the half way home. Daily transportation were also provided for Penny during hospital visits. In addition, SCCS also provided financial subsidy for penny. With the support provided by SCCS, Penny's mum could now fully focus on caring for her.

*Name has been changed to protect the privacy of the patient.

Introduction of Sarawak Children's Cancer Society (SCCS):
The Sarawak Children's Cancer Society is a non-profit organization founded in November 2001, dedicated to meeting the needs of families of patients diagnosed with pediatric cancer in Sarawak irrespective or race, religion, age or gender. The SCCS committee is made up of 70% patients' parents and 30% volunteers.

Our Services:

  • Support - Through counseling sessions, home visits, support programs, youth and family camps, and informal friendships, SCCS provides emotional and moral support to members of its community
  • Accommodation - SCCS operates a 13 bedroom Children Cancer Centre (CCC) as a temporary living house for outstation patients, with full provision of food and amenities. Daily shuttle are services are provided to and from the hospital
  • Financial Aid - Caring for a child with cancer is beyond the means of most of the patients we serve. To families demonstrating financial need, SCCS provides monetary assistance.
  • Education - SCCS holds talks and campaigns to educate the public about cancer and the stigmas often attached to it. Besides that, SCCS also organizes educational and fun-based craft activities for the children to keep their minds off the treatment.
  • Recreational - SCCS organizes outings, holiday camps, children parties and other activities for children and their families to heighten the spirit of the families

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